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Sedation Dentistry in Orlando

What is Sedation Dentistry in Orlando?

Sedation dentistry in Orlando, your dentist can help you overcome your dental phobia. Fear of dental treatment can lower your pain threshold and prevent you from seeking regular dental care. This can result in serious oral health problems. Research indicates that about 30 percent of the population avoids dentistry due to fear. Whether you're concerned…

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Dental Bonding in Orlando

What is Dental Bonding in Orlando?

Dental bonding in Orlando is a procedure in which a tooth-colored resin is applied to the surface of a tooth, then hardened with a special light. The resin is used to improve the tooth's appearance and can also be used to repair cracks, chips, and gaps. Dental bonding is usually done in one visit to…

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Composite Filling in Orlando

What is a Composite Filling in Orlando?

A composite filling in Orlando is a dental filling made from plastic and fine glass particles. Composite fillings are used to restore teeth damaged by decay or injury. They can likewise be utilized to work on the appearance of teeth that are discolored or misshapen. Composite fillings are strong and durable and can match the color…

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Dental Bridge in Orlando

What is a Dental Bridge in Orlando?

Getting a dental bridge in Orlando can significantly impact your oral health. They can help replace missing teeth, seal gaps, and prevent other teeth from shifting out of place. They also improve the appearance of your smile. Unlike removable dentures, a dental bridge does not need adhesives or regular check-ups. Dental bridges are made of…

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Avoid Tooth Loss in Orlando

How to Avoid Tooth Loss in Orlando?

Whether you are considering a dental implant or want to avoid tooth loss in Orlando, you can do several things to keep your teeth healthy. The key is to develop and follow a routine that you can do at home. In addition, if you are experiencing gum disease, you might need professional assistance to avoid…

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