Teeth whitening is a cosmetic solution chosen by many people to improve the condition of yellow, dull teeth… You will feel more confident with bright white teeth. However, to get the desired whitening results, you need to pay attention to the problems whitening your teeth.
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teeth whitening

Things to Keep in Mind When Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic solution chosen by many people to improve the condition of yellow, dull teeth… You will feel more confident with bright white teeth. However, to get the desired whitening results, you need to pay attention to the problems whitening your teeth.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Many people come to the dentist with a common question: Is teeth whitening safe? As described in the previous sections, teeth whitening is a secure method if you are treated at reputable dental facilities and experienced by a team of skilled and experienced doctors. During the treatment, the doctors will know how to use the right amount of bleach and adjust the lip isolation ratio.

These are the minimum factors to help you ensure that there are no medical complications when using teeth whitening methods.

The most popular teeth whitening methods today

There are many teeth whitening methods on the market today, depending on the purpose and requirements of each customer. Here are the most common teeth whitening methods used by many people:

Bleaching Trough
Teeth whitening trays are an at-home teeth whitening method that is considered to be highly effective. After examining and taking a tooth sample at the dentist, the medical team will base on that to create a pair of plastic trays that will match the size of the customer’s teeth.The doctor will then guide the patient to apply bleach to the tray and how to wear the tray to get the most out of it. For this method, the medical team recommends that each patient wear it within 2 hours for the best effect.

The whitening effect of this method will depend on the location and status of each person’s oral health. Because the trough has a transparent shape, it is no different from wearing Invisalign transparent braces, so it does not affect aesthetics and daily activities. The advantage of this method is that it saves time, effort, and cost compared to whitening methods at the dentist. You will see results if you maintain the process for 2-3 weeks.

teeth whitening

Bleaching patch
Using whitening strips is also an effective home whitening method that many people appreciate. It is a straightforward method, easy to implement, and does not take much of the customer’s time.

On the market today, there are many whitening patches of different brands such as Oral B, Viva White, Crest, etc. Each type will bring other whitening effects with varying concentrations of Hydrogen Peroxide. Just stick the whitening strips on your teeth and maintain them for about 30 minutes; you will see a whitening product at the beginning.

However, many different stickers on the market today create conditions for some objects to cheat, profit from customers, and pour out stickers floating among quality products. Therefore, customers need to carefully refer to the information to buy quality teeth whitening pads so as not to encounter poor quality products.

Notes when whitening teeth

Teeth whitening is commonly used, but not everyone can whiten teeth. Therefore, customers need to pay attention to some specific issues as follows:

Is teeth whitening good?
Whether teeth whitening is suitable depends on the dental facility, the skill of the doctor, as well as the health status of each person. Sometimes, some underlying periodontal disease can also affect the bleaching process.

Therefore, before using this method, patients must examine and treat oral diseases, such as tooth decay, exposed roots, pulpitis, … or any other oral problems, to avoid unexpected complications during treatment.

Teeth whitening doesn’t work forever.
It is an obvious fact that teeth whitening cannot last forever. As we all know, the natural aging process includes yellowing and discolored teeth. No matter how well you take care of your teeth, your teeth can’t become stained due to daily activities. It can only maintain the whitening process for a certain period.

On average, teeth whitening treatments will work from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the patient’s condition, location, oral health, dental care, and hygiene process.

Teeth may be more sensitive.
The teeth whitening process uses bleach with chemical ingredients that are highly effective in active whitening ingredients. Therefore, teeth may become more sensitive after applying for the medicine.

Sometimes the whitening process can cause tooth sensitivity within the first 24 hours if the tooth is too sensitive. In this case, the patient should use pain medication prescribed by the doctor to reduce discomfort.

Bleaching results are not the same.
As analyzed in the previous sections, the teeth whitening results also depend on each person’s condition, location, and oral health status. The color of each person’s teeth is also different, so there will be different whitening results.

Some people think teeth whitening can treat all of the previous plaque and yellow stains on the teeth. However, the reality is not so; the whitening process only works as a catalyst to help improve teeth staining but cannot achieve 100% bright white results.

How many times should I bleach?
The bleaching method uses bleach-containing powerful whitening active ingredients, so using the wrong dose too many times does not make teeth whitening but also has the opposite effect.

The harmful effects of teeth whitening too many times can make your tooth structure more sensitive, and pulp and dentin can be affected. In addition, the risk of being allergic to bleaching chemicals is also quite significant when you bleach your teeth too many times.

Therefore, the best way is not to whiten teeth too often; need to space out a reasonable time as prescribed by the doctor to prevent dangerous complications.

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